SuperSize Ingredients

One of the most important things with Athletic Xtreme SuperSize is the ingredients. As a pre-workout supplement, Athletic Xtreme SuperSize sets itself apart from other pre-workout supplements due to the fact that it does not contain dangerous stimulants such as 1,3-dimethylamylamine. The SuperSize ingredients compose the proprietary blend, 2700mg of which is in each scoop. So let’s get down to business and talk about the specific SuperSize ingredients that make it such a great nitric oxide supplement.

SuperSize Ingredients

Let’s go over each of the main ingredients so that we can get a feel for what’s in SuperSize. It’s up to you to make sure that you can handle every ingredient. Typically, none of these are banned by any drug-testing organizations, but it’s important to talk to your governing body about this product if you are under drug testing.

Ingredient Dosages… Some UNCONFIRMED Guesswork

Note that besides the creatine, we don’t know how much of any ingredient is inside. However, a bit of math can leave us with some solid guesswork:

The proprietary complex is 2.7g, and creatine is at 1.5g. This leaves us with 1.2g left for the rest.

Guessing how much caffeine would be most important, because that’d allow us to determine the amount of leucine nitrate, more or less. I’d venture a guess that there’s 75mg of caffeine per scoop (AX reps have basically confirmed this too).

So basically, each scoop should have roughly 1-1.1g of leucine nitrate. That’s a solid dose if you’re taking 1.5-3 scoops of this stuff, and leaves no surprise why the pumps are great, considering other arginine nitrate-based products’ dosages!

What’s funny is that 2 scoops of SuperSize is then about 150mg – “small time” compared to the competition – but it’s still getting everyone completely zoned in! How’s that? It’s all about the extra focus ingredients that we discuss in detail below, which make it a great product to use when you’re getting too deep into a stim-cycle.

So let’s have at it..

HPLC Pure Creatine Monohydrate (1.5g)

As one of the most heavily studied supplements out there, creatine monohydrate has been proven time and time again to be a safe and effective supplement for gaining strength and building muscle. While creatine is a fairly standard ingredient in pre-workout supplements these days, many products still contain inferior, or untested forms of creatine than creatine monohydrate.

This is a nitrate product (leucine nitrate is the next ingredient), but it does NOT contain creatine nitrate. Why? Because creatine nitrate is unproven. Pure Creatine Monohydrate, in its proper form as represented by SuperSize here, is the MOST studied, MOST reliable, and UNBEATABLE version of creatine. I love new stuff just as much as anyone, but when it comes to creatine, you stick with decades of success.

As a result, any other product with other variations will give you less than satisfactory results. AX SuperSize contains 1.5mg of creatine monohydrate per scoop, and if you take three scoops (most people should be fine at 1.5-2 scoops though), you will be consuming 4.5mg of creatine; a great amount of creatine. With three scoops you shouldn’t need to supplement any additional creatine, as 4.5 mg is approximately the recommended dose of creatine daily.

If you use less SuperSize, then you can always add AX’s German Creatine to your post-workout protein shake (we like MTS Machine Whey).

Leucine Nitrate

Leucine Nitrate is the ingredient that gives you the tremendous pumps that are so strongly desired by every pre-workout supplement buff out there. The Nitrate is what gives you the massive pumps during your workout, and the pumps from Athletic Xtreme SuperSize are some of the strongest and longest lasting pumps out there.

Leucine is an extremely important ingredient, as it is an essential amino acid that promotes muscle growth an endurance. When the nitrate goes to work for your extreme pump, leucine does its job providing extraordinary muscle growth, recovery, and endurance; three things that every nitric oxide supplement should provide in addition to the pump, but often don’t.

But leucine needs to be delivered to the muscles, and to do that, they’re carried by blood. Increased blood flow helps — but how do we increase it? Well, that’s where the nitrate comes in, which indirectly helps you release more nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is a gas that is a vasodilator, meaning it widens your veins for more bloodflow, giving you that awesome pump in so many nitric oxide supplements.

But why stop there? With Leucine-Nitrate, you get increased bloodflow WITH the benefit of delivering the #1 most important amino acid for anabolic muscle growth, L-Leucine, alongside it! And not only that, but this compound is highly water soluble, so it’s not broken down when you mix SuperSize up.

This truly is an incredible “double-whammy” ingredient that isn’t found in many products – and when you try it, you’ll agree.

Please note that while AX is advertising “8 hour pumps”, you’ll really feel the huge pumps while working out and 2-3 hours after. It will then begin to subside a little bit. However, if you do anything that uses your muscles within 8 hours, it will STILL be alive in your body, bringing the pump back! In fact, one in-house AX tester said that he got a JAW pump because he was bulking and ate a ton that day! Imagine that!

These ingredients which cause the pump with AX SuperSize are much different than the pump obtained from other supplements that have standard AAKG (arginine alphaketogluterate), like Jack3d. The pump is just as intense, if not more intense, and you aren’t consuming some of the dangerous stimulants that your body gets used to. If you are tired of taking a nitric oxide product like Jack3d, or if your body just doesn’t react to it anymore, then AX SuperSize is the product for you.

The patent holder of leucine nitrate is strict about how much gets put into products. They don’t want someone to just add a little dash so that a supplement manufacturer can claim it’s in there. They are forcing a strong enough dosage to get you a REAL pump, and SuperSize sticks to that contract!

Disodium ATP

Disodium ATP is a unique ingredient that is not found in many pre-workout supplements other than Athletic Xtreme SuperSize. As you may or may not know, ATP is the primary source of energy for our body’s cells. Exogenous ATP has been shown to increase ATP levels within the body, thus making more energy available for our cells. Creatine is popular because it vastly increases ATP levels and seriously works.

The problem is that supplementing ATP simply doesn’t work – it’s not bioavailable and your digestive system will destroy it before it gets through.

Not the case, however, with Disodium ATP (disodium salt of adenosine 5′-triphosphate (ATP)), as discovered by world-renowned scientific researcher, Dr. Eliezer Rapaport. Disodium ATP stays LIVE in your system and in SuperSize since it’s water-soluble, and doesn’t need to be enteric coated, or specially treated. Dr. Rapaport also noted that it synergistically increases bloodflow when combined with arginine – something SuperSize has as well!

Anyway, Disodium ATP increases your performance, endurance, and recovery by allowing the body to have more energy readily available to be used. The usage of Disodium ATP allows your body to have much more energy without the use of dangerous supplements such as 1,3-dimethylamylamine, ephedrine, or other stimulants.

Just think of it like this: ATP = ENERGY and ENDURANCE, but we can’t just take ATP. However, we CAN successfully take Disodium ATP, and mixing with arginine amplifies both of their uses.

Final Note – Disodium ATP is actually a prescription drug in France, named ATEPADENE. It’s that good for bloodflow and energy bursts.


Nearly everyone is familiar with the benefits of caffeine, whether it’s from your morning coffee or from pre-workout supplements. Even if you don’t go out of your way to consume caffeine, you probably consume some throughout your day to day life from the foods that you eat. If you don’t consume much, or any, caffeine at the moment, then you should start slowly with AX SuperSize. Caffeine can work wonders for mental focus, fat burning, and increased intensity of workouts.

Caffeine is what is known as a thermogenic product, and this essentially means that it heats up your body. This aids in fat loss, as your body is burning more calories as a result of the increase in heat.

PEA Break! We need to discuss PEA Before Continuing…

Before we go further, we need to talk about PEA, as it’s formed by the next ingredient, and is in the last ingredient.

What is PEA and how does it work in SuperSize?

PEA stands for Phenylethylamine. It is a natural neuromodulator that helps our brain regulate mood, stress levels, and focus. It behaves like a mild stimulant by helping you release adrenaline and dopamine. PEA is actually found in chocolate – and it gets the brain to release endorphin peptides which provide that sense of euphoria chocolate-lovers enjoy so much.

Studies show that low levels of PEA in the brain are related to ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and a few types of depression, while taking PEA can temporarily lessen their symptoms!

So to get this incredible, focus-inducing, ADHD-killing, good mood burst, let’s just take a bunch of PEA, right?!


The problem is, PEA has a half-life of about 10 minutes (values range from 5 to 15 minutes). That means that this stuff is basically synthesized and converted to other less-effective compounds within a half hour – useless for our purposes of keeping you in the zone during your workout. The culprit? Monoamine oxidase (MAO) breaks it down (into phenylacetic acid), thus stopping most of the PEA from getting to your brain for very long. Dang!

This is also why that chocolate euphoria wears off so quickly (between the sugar and the PEA), and chocolate-lovers need to keep eating more to keep that great feeling. Definitely not healthy a pre-workout habit!

So What Can We Do about this PEA Halflife Problem?

This is where the geniuses at Athletic Xtreme have come in. Two of the following ingredients listed here have the ability to PROTECT PEA from MAO, and keep it bioavailable longer in your system. Finally, someone is figuring out how to “trick” our bodies into accepting forms of PEA that will get us “in the zone” without wiring us up on 300mg of caffeine! And that’s what two of the next three ingredients are all about.

So now that you’re up to speed on PEA, back to the write-up…

Haplophyllum Tuberculatum Extract [Whole Plant] Standardized For P-Phenethylbenzamide

Whoa there – Let’s break this one down into words we can understand. First off, Haplophyllum Tuberculatum is a small, yellow, flowering plant with long stems. It actually originally grows a lot in the middle east, mainly Saudi Arabia.

Athletic Xtreme is taking this whole plant, and doing whatever it is they need to do (most likely grinding it down, dissolving it in a water-based solution, and separating the good stuff out), and then extracting P-Phenethylbenzamide from it. So P-Phenethylbenzamide is the ingredient in question here.[1]

P-Phenethylbenzamide is a different type of PEA, as mentioned above. The benzamide part of this compound protects it from MAO. You have two types of MAO, and both of them oxidize, or break down, stuff that we don’t want to be broken down when we’re trying to get amped up for a workout!

  • MAO-A breaks down Serotonin, melatonin, norepinephrine, and epinephrine.
  • MAO-B breaks down Phenethylamine and benzylamine.

So basically, adding this seems like a bit of a “trick” that AX is doing to get your body to accept more PEA, mimicking a high dosage – meaning more focus and even a bit of euphoria!

[1] As a sidenote, some believe that should actually be named N-phenethylbenzamide, where the benzamide part is attached to Nitrogen (N). We don’t think this is a mistake, as Athletic Xtreme has their own method of extract. Either way, that’s not a big deal – just focus on how this gets more PEA into your brain


Also known as xantheose, theobromine is another ingredient that comes from chocolate (specifically the cacao plant). It is in the same family of compounds as caffeine, and has similar effects, but they are a bit weaker.

We are interested in this ingredient for a few reasons: First and foremost, it’s a vasodilator. Like the nitrates, it will open your blood vessels up, giving you a better pump, better bloodflow, and better nutrient delivery of the other ingredients.

Second, this helps in fat loss, which is a great “side effect” of this ingredient. This is done via reducing excess water weight, as well as decreasing appetite. It’s even been linked to having aphrodisiac effects!

However, it’s the energy and increased bloodflow that we’re interested in here. More theobromine and less caffeine is a welcome thing here – this is another reason why SuperSize is great to take when you’re trying to ease off of the insane, 300mg-per-serving pre workout supplements.

Neuropeptide Alpha [Peptide Bonded Tyrosine and PEA (Tyrosine-Phenethylamine Peptide)]

This is definitely one of those “last but not least” moments. Neuropeptide Alpha is why we think everyone is REALLY getting into the zone but not getting stimmed out with SuperSize. This has to do with the PEA information discussed below.

So, like we said, PEA works like a stimulant and helps release adrenaline and dopamine, but is normally quickly destroyed by MAO if taken orally, so very little gets to the brain.

So here’s the trick: Tyrosine can get into the brain easier than PEA. It passes the blood-brain barrier via the Large Neutral Amino Acid Transporter channel. So what Athletic Xtreme did was to bond PEA to Tyrosine, and allow the PEA to ride “piggyback” through this channel!!

So now that we can get PEA into the channel, we can get the stimulant and focus effects of it and MAO can’t cause a chemical reaction to break it down as easily. So to translate, Athletic Xtreme is smart and invented a cool way to make you smarter with this.

When you try SuperSize, you’re going to think to yourself, “There’s a little something extra going on” – definitely more than just some caffeine. I am fully convinced that this feeling is due to the amazing effects of NeuroPeptide Alpha.

SuperSize Ingredients Summary

So as you can see, there are a number of ingredients found in AX SuperSize, some unique to it, and some found in other pre-workout supplements. It is the unique combination of these ingredients that sets SuperSize apart from other pre-workout supplements, however. So by now your question of what is in SuperSize should be answered. You should hopefully understand the different ingredients and how they work together to ensure that you achieve extraordinary mental focus, pump, and performance.

The ingredients in SuperSize really shine when your body has become used to other nitric oxide supplements, as it does not contain the same stimulants as many supplements such as Jack3d contain. The unique ingredient combination also ensures that you can take SuperSize for months without having the nitric oxide having a diminished effect.

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