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FINALLY – A Pre Workout that Gets You Fired Up NOW but not “Stimmed Out” Later!

Hi, my name is Joe… and I have a stimulant problem.

I know I’m not alone here. In fact, I think the whole pre-workout supplement industry has an issue with stimulants.

We’ve all been there – in order to get amped up and focused for a workout, we start taking a pre workout supplement. There’s hundreds of them out there, and life is good with them… at first.

But eventually, one scoop turns into two.

…and then two scoops turns into three.

And the next thing you know, we need a ridiculous 500mg of caffeine (or more!) just to make it through a day. The crash from doing otherwise is just plain unbearable.

In the end, we have become STIMMED OUT.

Similarly, we sometimes find ourselves with a “nitric oxide supplement” that is so unbalanced and overloaded with stimulants that it takes three scoops right off the bat to get a good, solid pump out of them. By that time, we’ve had to take an obnoxious amount of caffeine. End result? Stimmed out once again!

It didn’t take a doctorate to look at a few studies and realize that I put myself over the safety limit for caffeine and other stims. I am in fact a competitive powerlifter — not a small guy by any standards — and even I was getting my cardiovascular system a bit too “cracked out”!

So what’s the solution?

At first, I started looking at stimulant-free pre workout supplements. One that caught my eye was Ultra Reps by Athletic Xtreme, where I’ve met one of their PhD researchers. So when I e-mailed them him some questions, his answer actually surprised me:

Hey Joe, thanks for writing. Ultra Reps will work great, but how about you first try a new pre workout supplement with BALANCE?

We have a new product coming out that is completely different than everything else, so you can cycle between your standard pre workout and this with absolutely no drop off.

And with that, Athletic Xtreme introduced to me…

SuperSize: A nitric oxide supplement that perfectly balances energy, focus, taste, AND pumps in less than two scoops.

My SuperSize Review

SuperSize is the first pre workout supplement I’ve ever taken that brings all of the benefits that I wanted without overloading on one thing or another. I’m talking about:

  • Instant Energy – Not too much, but definitely not too little.

    Of course, there’s some caffeine in here – I’m guessing about 75mg per scoop. But the energy you get is more than that. When I started researching the ingredients (discussed below), I realized why.

  • INTENSE and long-lasting nitrate pumps when lifting weights. And by long-lasting, I mean that you can flex a few times nearly 8 hours after you’ve worked out and you’re going to be back to your gym-time form – seriously!

  • Sharp and Determined Mental Focus. I have NEVER cared so much about every last rep when lifting.

    I’ll even admit that I sometimes take it on off-days when a big work assignment is due. It’s THAT good…

  • …but no unwanted side effects from dangerous stimulants. Just the tried-and-true, properly-researched stuff we love, with a few twists to make them more bioavailable to your brain… but we’ll get into those details later.

  • Zero calories… which means no nasty processed carbs or other filler ingredients that are somehow still popular in many pre workouts these days. Hey, you can always add your own sugar if you’re sto inclined. Most of us just want to stay lean, though.

  • Unbelievable flavor. Smooth Lemon Ice is just that – smooth. Seriously, this is just like the original lemon lime gatorade (minus that cavities and diabetes).

    Put simply, you’re not going to find a zero-calorie pre workout that is this tasty. If you’ve tried a few there, you know what I’m talking about here.

But the final overall benefit is that it uses many completely different ingredients – for pump, energy, and focus – so when you’re getting used to your typical pre workout drink, SuperSize will give you that new jolt that you’ve been missing, and you can avoid going completely off stimulants for at least a little longer!

My SuperSize Review Pictures

What’s a review without pictures? Here are a few – it’s a basic, concentrated pre workout with no fuss or nonsense artificial colors.

SuperSize Review

The Mix – A dash of Leucine floaters, but not a big deal…

Athletic Xtreme SuperSize Review

The Front of the Tub

AX SuperSize Review

The Label

Athletic Xtreme SuperSize Review

Product Description Side

SuperSize Pre Workout Review

Fine White Powder, No Food Coloring Needed

As you can see, the mix isn’t 100% smooth, but it’s close enough — there is one ingredient that “floats” around just a touch — but you can’t tell when you’re drinking it, so don’t worry about that. All you’ll be worrying about is how not to drink the entire container because it’s so delicious.

I’m Not Alone Here. Some SuperSize Review Testimonials

This site has many SuperSize Reviews, coming from MMA fighters, cardio athletes, men, women, and more.

Here are even more reviews found on public forums around the web:

I tried it a few days ago – pumps were f’ing nuts, energy and strength very decent, focus was outrageous, I was ridiculously concentrated, flavor was great, that’s my sincere quick review. It’s totally worth the price without a doubt. I even remember these outstanding pec pumps that looked like I was wearing a shield. Overall i’d rate it 9/10

–Tim – East Lansing, MI

Took three scoops today and i literally destroyed the weightroom. Hammered out set after set, was focused and so concentrated that some sets i basically didn’t rest. Kicked the sh*t out of the place.

I did a bunch of 20+ rep routines isolating the back and almost pushed myself to the point of vomiting (from exertion – not from the supersize!)… 3 scoops is a bit crazy… for those days you want to annihilate the place. 2 is great on most days but 3 is asking for a NEXT LEVEL session!

— Zach D

But what would a set of reviews be without the Marc Lobliner MACHINE Muscle Seal of Approval?

Thanks for the review, Marc! You can support Marc by Getting SuperSize at – They typically have the best prices anyway!

Note that Marc calls them “Anabolic Xtreme” by accident. This is Athletic Xtreme’s old name. And when he mentions that there’s no “1 3 dimethyl”, he means that this product steers away from 1,3 dimethylamylamine, a stimulant that is in many other pre workout supplements and is good to cycle off of by using SuperSize.

Regardless, when Marc uses a pre workout supplement, he’s currently using SuperSize. Look at the guy. He’s been around the block a few times, and this is his pre workout. Need I say more?

SuperSize Review – The Ingredients

If you’re still with me at this point, you gotta be asking, “What’s in this that’s causing such a fuss? There can’t be that much new stuff…”

So let’s take a quick look at the 7 ingredients in SuperSize. But if you want more than a quick look, you can get the full write-up at our SuperSize Ingredients page. Beware, it’s long and more in-depth than most people care to go. But it’s there if you like this kind of thing like I do.

HPLC Pure Creatine Monohydrate (1.5g)

Hopefully we don’t need to go too into depth here. Creatine is the supplement that has been proven to be safe and effective in building muscle mass for several decades now. Nobody can rightfully argue this point, so even if you’re not well-versed on creatine, realize that you’re in good hands here and this is an incredible primary ingredient.

Creatine Monohydrate is the most reliable form of creatine, and has the most research behind it. But HPLC Pure Creatine Mono means that this isn’t low-quality crap that you see in other products — the ones that cause bloating and water weight gain due to inefficient compounds. This is the pure stuff from Germany, where the best creatine in the world is made.

Anyway, creatine increases cellular ATP, and ATP equates to ENERGY for you and your muscle cells. That wasn’t enough for the PhD formulators at Athletic Xtreme, though, so we’ll discuss some other ATP we’ll be getting here lower down.

What I love is that AX is telling us how much you’re getting – 1.5g per scoop. We like to benchmark that you should get ~1g of creatine per 40lbs of bodyweight every single day. The general concensus is that 5g works for everyone, but some like to go higher. Now you know exactly what you’re getting, unlike 99% of other pre workout supplements.

It really doesn’t matter when you get your creatine in. Pre workout, post workout, first thing in the morning… whenever. Just get it in. So if you’re doing 1.5 scoops of SuperSize, find a way to get at least 3g more of creatine somewhere and your results will be great. As an FYI, Athletic Xtreme also sells their high-quality German Creatine that you can add in later.

Leucine Nitrate

This is where the fun starts. Leucine Nitrate is the ingredient that gives the pumps and strength boost that everyone is raving about above. This is a patented (and highly guarded) new compound that’s made from L-Leucine – the most important branched-chain amino acid (BCAA). BCAAs are the building blocks of proteins, and muscle tissue is loaded with them.

When you digest SuperSize, the nitrate separates from leucine. The Nitrate goes to work in bringing the long-lasting, huge pumps and the widening of your blood vessels for increased bloodflow and nutrient delivery.

The leucine is one of those “nutrients” being delivered that then goes to work in creating muscular growth while reducing fatigue and soreness.

This molecule simply rocks, and you’re getting a sweet two for the price of one setup here.

Disodium ATP

This is where we start seeing how smart the doctors at Athletic Xtreme are.

Remember above, where we mentioned that creatine increases ATP, which is the primary energy source for our body’s cells?

Well, why can’t we just skip the nonsense and take a bunch of ATP? Because it doesn’t digest well – it’s not bioavailable and our systems break it down before it makes it to the muscle.

That is, unless, you bond it with a sodium salt (disodium), and then you have a stable form of ATP in your digestive system! This is a primary reason why AX doens’t need to get you cracked out on caffeine to give you an energy burst. They cut through the riff-raff and simply take you to the sourceATP itself!


Like creatine, you should know what caffeine is doing.* I don’t want to rag on caffeine too much, because the stuff does rule. I just don’t need 300mg of it in a single scoop of my NO supplement!!

Because of the above (and below) ingredients, problem solved. About 75mg per scoop or so, and you’ll be just as wired as ever – without the vicious caffeine crash from taking a dumptruck-load of it.

Another great reason why SupeSize should be your next pre workout — You can seriously ween off of caffeine without suffering.

SuperSize. Caffeine can work wonders for mental focus, fat burning, and increased intensity of workouts.

*But in case you don’t know why caffeine is so good to take pre workout, it increases focus, induces thermogenesis (heats up the body), thus burning more fat and providing more energy.

Haplophyllum Tuberculatum Extract [Whole Plant] Standardized For P-Phenethylbenzamide

Yeah, this one sounds a bit intimidating. I’m not going to get into everything here — that is reserved for the SuperSize Ingredients page.

The main idea is that there is this awesome, natural neuromodulator in your brain called PEA (Phenylethylamine). PEA works like a stimulant in getting your brain to release dopamine and adrenaline. More PEA = More energy, more focus and less ADHD-style symptoms. Great things to have in the gym.

But once again, just like with ATP, we can’t just ingest PEA – it dies in your system in about 10 minutes, which will barely last through even one of your pyramids!

Athletic Xtreme come to the rescue – they have two ingredients here that find ways to keep higher levels of PEA in your brain and bloodstream for longer – giving you SERIOUS focus in the gym. The kind of focus that just makes you drill every last rep.

P-Phenethylbenzamide is a different type of PEA, and the benzamide part protects the good stuff from the usual suspects that break PEA down. With this, the compound lasts longer, and gets you good and ready for your workout — and keeps you there.

It’s a bit of a “trick” that AX plays on the “enemies” of your PEA-like neuromodulators, and it works. That is the first of two reasons why all of the testimonials are so positive in the “focus” department.

SuperSize Review Ingredients – Theobromine

Theobromine is a stimulant that is from the same family as caffeine. It’s similar but weaker from an energy standpoint, while being better from a bloodflow standpoint.

Like the nitrate in leuceine nitrate, theobromine is a vasodilator – it opens up your blood vessels, delivering more blood, more pump, and more nutrients.

Futher, it’s great for fat loss. This is one of those incredible compounds that’s derived from cocoa, and is linked to the aphrodisiac-style of appetite suppression that extremely dark chocolate (not the sugary crap) can help with.

Finally, theobromine brings that extra kick of energy, further helping AX keep caffeine levels low. Sick of your over-caffeinated supplements? Switch to SuperSize – same effects, different compounds..

Neuropeptide Alpha [Peptide Bonded Tyrosine and PEA (Tyrosine-Phenethylamine Peptide)]

I’m going to go ahead and say it here – behind Leucine Nitrate, this is without a doubt the next best ingredient. Last but not least.

We discussed PEA a bit above, but this is where things get really interesting. We can’t take PEA because it’ll get destroyed before it makes it very far – it can’t get past the ever-critical “blood-brain barrier”.

So what did the AX PhDs do? Another trick – they bonded it to tyrosine — something that also gives you decent focus and can make it past the blood-brain barrier, and boom — you now have a little PEA hitchhiker making it to your brain. This hitchhiker molecule is called NeuroPeptide Alpha.

Adrenaline, focus, energy, served up on a nice little platter in the smallest quantity ingredient in SuperSize.

If you ask me, this is Athletic Xtreme’s masterpiece here. This is their way of saying “we are smarter than everyone else”. It’s safe, it works, and you can use this stuff to do just about anything.

Give it a shot and you’ll feel it too – something beyond caffeine is happening here. That’s the NeuroPeptide Alpha talking.

SuperSize Review Summary

Hopefully that’s enough info for you. If not, feel free to Contact Us or leave comments below – but note that this site is NOT run by AX, so any answers will not be “official”.

In conclusion of my SuperSize review, SuperSize is a new pre workout supplement that is a great way to cycle off of your over-stimmed NO supplements, and it brings you:

  1. An amazing new ingredient profile that gives energy, strength, focus, and long-lasting pumps – in a PERFECTLY balanced mix
  2. Great taste (smooth lemon ice is smooth)
  3. Zero calories – no sugar, carbs, maltodextrin, or unnecessary fats needed.
  4. Picture perfect pricing – about $25 for 30-45 bone-crushing workouts
  5. Stacks incredibly well with the rest of the SuperSize Stack

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